Episode 12: Let’s Talk Life Group – Amber Redmond

Episode 12: Let’s Talk Life Group

A conversation with Rick Ruble

Who speaks God into your life? Are you speaking God into anyone else’s life?

We are talking with my life-group leader and lead pastor, Rick Ruble. Through our friendship I have found what a gift it is to have people in your life in different seasons who can help you see small and large picture the ways that God has been working upstream in your life.

Through Rick’s story I’ve been able to see God’s faithfulness at work.

 “It’s helpful. I think, to have people in your life all the time that you can pour into and that pour into you. Disciple-making relationships really go both ways. There are always people who are farther ahead of you and people hopefully that you’re reaching out to and helping move towards Jesus as well.”

Rick Ruble

Today we’re diving into what that looks like.

Show Takeaways:

  • Hear what it means to be open to saying “yes” to God.
  • Look at ways that God works upstream through our stories.
  • Discern how to find your disciple-making relationships.

“The movement of God, it was really about me understanding in a new way, what God had prepared me for and being willing to say yes to that.”

Rick Ruble

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