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How to Use Your War Room

Last Sunday, at the end of service, our pastor invited anyone who felt called to come to the front and pray. I looked ahead at my family, a few rows in front of me, feeling reluctant to admit my great sense of need while they looked on.

Asking God to be with me while I moved in faith, rather than fear, I went forward. Folding my knees under me, I pressed my forehead into my clasped hands.

The reverberations of the band’s song, and the hot sting of tears in my eyes led my prayer.

Lord, I have bought into the lies. I know I need these changes and this transformation. God, I want this work to be done in my life, but, God, I don’t have the strength to take it on alone. Lord, I want your will to be done, but I need your strength.

Multiple arms and hands encompassed me in that very moment. God knew my deepest longing before I could express it, and he answered the second I whispered.

So, I rejoiced with my favorite prayer: I see you, Lord.

I pressed deeper into my devotions, hot tears rolling freely and my feet going numb. I felt hands on my back, my shoulders, my neck. I heard tears and whispers beside me.

I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to widen my focus, so I sat up and opened my eyes. I took in those who surrounded me, recognizing my aunt, my cousin, my uncle. All the people I didn’t want to see my brokenness just moments before. I opened my palms to them. We knelt together holding hands until the end of the song.

God meets us in these moments. His grace is pouring out to you, from the tender hands of your loved ones, the vibrations of songs, and the invitation to pray.

Beginning your war room is about the transformation taking place in your heart and in your life.

Be Where You Are

God has placed you exactly where you are in your life, with purpose.

The neighborhood that could be nicer. The house that could be bigger. The job that could be better. The relationship that could be easier.

Every part of your life that leaves you unsettled, God already knows. Accept where you are by being honest with yourself and with God. He holds you in his right hand, witnessing your struggles, your longings, your strengths.

Choosing to be where you are is a bold act of faith.

Last week, I found myself standing in a pew with an intense need to go to my knees at God’s feet. It was a demand I didn’t want to face, much less express publicly by actively going forward. But, I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me to do just that. Being where I was meant moving to the front, putting my hands on the stage, and being washed over by the music and held by my family.

When you go to God in prayer, find him by first saying, “Lord, this is where I am today.” Then, ask Jesus to come alongside you.

Jesus’s entire ministry was spent coming alongside those who were broken, hurting, in need. His ministry continues in you, through the Holy Spirit. When you faithfully choose to be where you are, ask Jesus to come alongside and open yourself up to hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life.


Finding myself at the front of the church, I was able to tell God that I don’t have the strength alone. I faced the lies that I had been buying into, and I gave myself to him.

What lies have you bought into?

What have you been hiding from?

What need have you been unable to face?

What weighs you down?

Take it off your shoulders and hold it in your hands. Unclench your fist, finger by tight finger. Hold your hands open to God. How does he take it from you?

This is surrender.

Move Forward.

Opening my hands to the family that surrounded me was the first step in moving forward. It hasn’t been the last. The prayer that brought me to tears at the front of the church is now here, in front of you because I let God meet me.

I’ve thought of that prayer every day, for six days, first posting it in my War Room, then revisiting it daily.

The Challenge:

Be where you are today. Authentically accept where you’ve been placed.

If you are eating cold Chinese out of your refrigerator.

If you are sitting on the floor playing with your child.

If you are waiting for results in the hospital.

Invite God into that space. He is waiting there. Tell him you are ready to see him. Tell him your insecurities. Tell him your fears. Tell him, and surrender.

Move forward. Release it to God. Write the prayer. Revisit it when you need to. Find where God meets you.

Lord, we want to know you more.


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