Sharing Our Stories and Why it Matters – Amber Redmond

Sharing Our Stories and Why it Matters

Who were you as a child? What ways did you find joy? Freedom? Peace?

What ways do those themes in your life continue through to today? If they don’t, do you long for ways to bring that kind of freedom, joy and peace back?

Your story matters. The way you answered the questions above matter. The live you are living, day in and out matters. Finding creative meaning within your story begins by uncovering the narratives you’ve been telling about yourself. Today Amber and I will share a snippet of our stories, and within the narratives we share I hope you hear a little bit of your own story. Even if certain elements of our lives are different from yours, it is important that you hear that your story matters. The life you’ve lived is important to God, and it is important to share. Most importantly, God is listening. He listens when you raise your questions, and He listens when you have no words to say.

He listens because He wants to be in relationship with you. The sum total of the entire Bible comes down to this truth: Everything God has done and will do is to be in relationship with you, with me, with our neighbors and our enemies. That is why the more we shed light on each of our individual stories or testimonies, the more we come together as a community of people living in God’s kingdom.

If you look at Genesis, God created Adam and Eve to be in relationship with him, first. Relationship is the will of God. Relationship is what he wants. This entire ministry is to help you see: first you were created beloved before brokenness or sin or separation ever entered the picture.

Amber and I will walk through the exercise I like to begin with to get in touch with that beloved beginning. Listen to hear:

  • The problem is when we find our worth inside of our roles.
  • Your story has power, right from the very beginning God has been with you and working ahead of you to bring you to where you are right now.
  •  What if we stop finding our worth, our identity inside of our roles and instead begin to see our worth within our being.

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