Episode 4: Practice Silence – Amber Redmond

Episode 4: Practice Silence

Making the time to slow down and get silent is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is a necessary practice for creating space. When we get intentional about creating space we are able to parse out the things that are taking away from our well-being, like The Time, which says, “There is scarcity.” Verses The Work which asks the question, “Where are you? What do you feel? What do you need? How can you dance your way into that?”

The Time and The Work are not congruent with each other.

When we’re in the wilderness, God is right alongside of us. There’s a veil over our eyes, keeping us from seeing him and knowing him, though.

I am taking the time to uncover that veil. Come along with me.

Practicing Silence will:

Allow us space for reflection and room to be
where we are.

Focus on how to ask the question, “What do I

Help us navigate the decision: Do I want to live
by The Time or The Work.

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Writers who taught me about this practice of Silence:

Shauna Neiquist

Leeana Tankersley

Emily P. Freeman

Laura Tremaine

Recovering People Pleaser:

The first time I ever heard this title was from Jamie B. Golden on an
episode of the Bible Binge.

Another plug for Leeana Tankersley, who single handedly changed my outlook on faith and self with her bookBrazen.

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