Introducing Cultivating Wonder – Amber Redmond

Introducing Cultivating Wonder

Welcome to Cultivating Wonder. Cultivating Wonder is my newest project meant to guide you towards self-compassion and emotional well-being. These two anchoring points are meant to be reminders of what it was always supposed to be walking with God. I believe you were created beloved before you were ever broken. Cultivating Wonder is meant to help you unlock the anchors that will help you move forward with self-compassion.

Each offering is meant to remind you that you are right where you are meant to be, exactly who God has created you, and there is no measure of earning or achievement that can change what God has done and is doing. We will begin to live a life defined not by earning and striving, but by the grace that Jesus gave us when he went to the cross.  

This is done by defining your inner wild. There is something sacred about finding your inner wild. The intersection of your own soul voice and the voice of God. There is a persistence to her. She resides in the place at your center that cannot be touched by circumstance. She is waiting below the surface with God. It is through a deep sense of God’s voice within that you will find her.

From this place all connection is born, and through union we find the spiritual center of compassion. I mean to help you build your identity through connection, self-compassion, and spiritual formation in the presence of God.

Women are becoming increasingly isolated. We believe that we must shoulder the emotional load of our families, our spouses, and our communities alone. But, if we look to the freedom God calls us to through the ministry of Jesus, we find that shouldering any burden alone was never His design. I imagine a community of women building each other up, loving their families, and serving their communities from a place of abundance; never a place of guilt or shame.

Can you imagine it too? Join me in Cultivating Wonder.

The Next Stage:

Cultivating Wonder is a project that is meant to help you dive deeply into your relationship with God and yourself. The next stage of this project has to do with ways to go beyond the podcast and apply the concepts we’ve been talking about in your life. I have created The Deep Dive in order to do just that.

What is The Deep Dive?

  • a community built for followers of the Cultivating Wonder Project.
  • a place where you’ll find a “deep dive” of something we’re processing on the free podcast.
  • a paid subscription with a monthly fee that will help us at Cultivating Wonder make money and by doing so will help us meet goals as it relates to our ministry.

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