Learning to be Gentle with Yourself – Amber Redmond

Learning to be Gentle with Yourself

Are there voices in your head trying to tell you who you are? Do those voices contribute to the way you interact with the world? Would you believe me if I told you, they do, even if you’re unaware?

Learning to nourish a gentler internal voice is a pivotal step towards self-compassion, which is why this was a clear first topic for Cultivating Wonder. In this episode you’ll meet my best friend since seventh grade, Amber Fountain. You’ll hear why I invited her to co-host Cultivating Wonder with me and together we will discuss the journey we’ve been on towards becoming gentler with ourselves.

Amber and I have teamed up to begin sharing parts of our story that have helped us begin to Cultivate Wonder.

You’ll hear:

  • Why you can drop the expectations of achievement and perfection, and instead accept God’s hand reaching towards you.
  • How pivotal therapy has been for both of us on this journey towards self-compassion, and the ways that looks for each of our individual journeys.
  • Discovering how your energy works, and following those energy signals can help you learn how to have grace for yourself.
  • Hear how Amber and I have struggled with body image, and the importance of realizing that bodies are meant to be fluctuating throughout life.

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