How to Follow Your Emotions – Amber Redmond

How to Follow Your Emotions

Together, we are creating a rhythm of welcoming that will guide us in responding to God. In order to build that rhythm, we have to learn to feel our emotions.

Last week, when we continued our talks about boundaries, I said: “Setting boundaries means: Knowing who you are, what you need, what you desire, and how to honor each of these pieces so that you can become who God created you to become.” Today we are going to discuss how to begin to honor our soul.

Honoring our soul means honoring our emotions.

Emotions are signals trying to give you information about survival. Information about things you should or should not respond to. Why did God give us these feelings? And who is God in regard to them? What I’d like you to learn is that your emotions are God-given responses to the stimulus around you, part of our image-bearing capacity for the creator of the world, and that is exactly why we need to learn to stop suppressing our hard feelings.

Show Takeaways:

  • God feels everything we feel. The only emotion that God does not have, that we do, is shame. And here we are SHAMING ourselves for feeling the entire variety of emotions that are God-given reflections of Him.
  • Anger is the emotion that hides other emotions.
  • The emotions themselves are simply a message. This is why I push back against toxic positivity.

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