Listening in Rest and Community: A Conversation with Rachael Groll – Amber Redmond

Listening in Rest and Community: A Conversation with Rachael Groll

The one thing that I am most passionate about is spending time creating space to know God’s voice in your life, and today I am talking with Rachael Groll about learning how to listen to God. Rachael just published her book She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus in June, and today we are sharing a conversation about her experience learning to listen to God. The three things you’ll hear in this conversation are:

  • Rachael talks about when she realized she was equating busy-ness with obedience, and why she had to change that mindset. Her experience can help you discern what God is inviting you into verses what you are chasing after.
  • Hear the most important things to be looking for in relationships you are building.
  • Rachael shares how she has transitioned her heart space during prayer to ask God not just to bless her intentions for her day, but to listen for His intention each and every day.

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  • Abby Evans

    Amber, I so enjoyed this…and needed to consider some of the things you guys discussed.

    Also, your voice is so soothing and great to listen to…today I realized that it reminds me of my Aunt B’s voice (she’s my favorite) who used to read books onto cassette tape for us as Christmas and Birthday gifts, an extra dose of love to hear similar inflection in your voice. All of that to say, rock on!

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