Amber Redmond – Creating a rhythm of listening and reflecting, so you may draw closer to God.

Amber Redmond

Writer, Connector, and Aspiring Community Builder.

Deeper connection is available, and I know you’ve been longing for it. We are coming out of the loneliest years of our lifetime, and it is my mission to help connect people in ways that are meaningful. Everything I publish is meant to help you forge a deepening connection with God and to live from a place of wholeheartedness.

My hope is to help you glimpse the mystery of God through a steady search for wonder.

To let you see that you are not alone.

To send you encouragement and hope through thoughtful writing and an invitation for reflection.

We must turn up with our softness visible, and we must hold ourselves there long enough to embrace whatever God is giving us here and now.

Are you willing to accept the invitation to softness and wonder?